Seminar at Hotel JW Marriott - Juhu, Mumbai


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Exterior Grand Ballroom


Summary of Events

At the “2 Days Extensive Workshop on Private Equity ".

1st and 2nd August 2008, Hotel J W Marriot , Mumbai


Committee for Members in Industry (CMII)


Committee on Financial Markets and Investors’ Protection

Western India Regional Council




Dear Members,


1st and 2nd August 2008 were Great Days , in the history of PE education in India , with, almost 350 Chartered Accountants from the Industry and the Practice, met together and interacted on the hot topic of the day – “Private Equity”.



Some Excerpts From the Seminar


Rs. 40000 Crores already invested in India , via Private Equity Route , in last 5 years. When Stock markets are not doing fine ( as is the fact today ), the PE route is even more important for the businessmen.


Income Tax Benefits

Advantage to the Venture Capitalist =

Zero income tax for the "fund", on the profits derived from the fund.


Key Words of Wisdom

k   Bringing business from 0 to 100 cr was possible

k   But taking from 100 to 1000cr is a different ballgame

k   One individual cannot do this

k   Two or three partners cannot do this.

k   One joint family cannot do this

You need more people

k   You reached Rs. 0 to Rs. 100 crores with 100 people

k   Now, next increase from Rs.100 Cr to Rs. 500 Cr needs 500 more people.

k   You cannot have a personal eye

k   You cannot have a personal rapport

k   You need corporate governance,

k   You need systems,


Key Words – Merits of PE

PE makes company more efficient

PE improves in method of management

PE brings better people, better systems

PE help you grow.


Key Words – Demerits of PE

PE are bad-mouthed as fair weather friends,

PE are asset strippers

PE can sell away the company

PE force labour layoffs


Both are correct, but usually, PE never has time or inclination to disturb the apple cart. He wants to increase value, and exit like a gentleman. ( usually !!! )




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